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Thread: news story on my injury/rehab

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    news story on my injury/rehab

    i am 20 years old and 3 1/2 months post c6 quad
    here is a link to a story that the patriot news did on me. it made front page of the news paper. there are also 2 videos in the link and lots of pictures in the gallery.

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    I clicked on your link.
    My computer got a virus instantly.

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    WOW! have just spent last half hour reading your story. You and your family are great to have managed to progress so far in such a short while. I wish you all continued success, Love your 'can do ' attitude and feel you and your girlfriend are blessed to have each other.
    Funny enough I overheard on the video of you sitting on the bike someone saying about adapting the bike in someway and i have no doubt you will but what i ask is that you let me know how? as looking to get a beach buggy/quad for my daughter. (age 7)
    If I can help in any way let me know, sonia.

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    I read your story it touched me you have determination like me I too broke my neck in a freak motorcycle accident
    We both had frontal neck surgery to the rear of our necks ( spines )

    Keep smiling
    Sincerely ; GL

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    Hi noirin's mum

    Last year I repaired a cute little 49 cc Polaris Predator automatic kids quad for my friends little son
    The best part is that there is a easily adjustable Govenor on the Throttle lever so you can set the rpm's for a child .
    As the child gets better the parent can re adjust the Govenor and make the machine go faster .
    These little ATV's Quads are nice starters but it depends on how big a child is

    Good luck

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing it with everyone! Glad you are doing well. My daughter is a C6/C7 and did not do as well during rehab. Her recovery has taken a lot longer. It is great to see your positive attitude!

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    i know i've seen an adaptive atv throttle for paralyzed riders. want me to try and find it for you?

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    THanks a million GL and Wheelie 99 for your input, am grateful of any ideAS and will pass on to anyone technicallly minded. thanks. 28degrees and the suimmer is here in Ireland-at least for a day or two!! sONIA.

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    thanks everyone.
    noirins mum - for a 7 year old the nice thing is a kids quad will be automatic so you want have to worry about the clutch or electric shifters. and im pretty sure most 50 and 90cc quads have a hand brake. so the only thing you should have to consider changing is the foot pegs and the seat to make sure it is safe.

    i moved on from the idea of adapting my ltr450 race quad. my dad took me for a ride on it on easter and that left me with alot of mixed feelings and i think i would rather keep my memories of being a pro-am quad racer and try something new such as a side by side like a polaris rzr. i can still race and be competitive while being strapped in by a 5 point harness and a roll cage and drive it with hand controls. but that wont be for awhile down the road until my neck is healed and strong enough to handle it. for now i recently got into remote control cars/trucks and plan on racing them soon. kayla, my dad, and my brother also got them and we have a blast racing eachother everyday.

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    hey bro sorry to hear about your accident im 20 also i wrecked 5 years ago i was jumping a dirt bike a nose dived im c6 complete if you would like to chat hit me up man

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