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    How are you doing Linda? Over cabin fever yet? (I assume all the snow is gone!!) Any birds besides grackles to look/listen to? We have a lot of the yellow finches around here. They really like the niger thistle my neighbors put out.
    The cold spring was really tough on the babies around here. But those damn grackles are so hardy they are everywhere.
    We have a one eyes baby squirrel and another that looks partly paralyzed, but eating fine.
    A pair of Mallards come around once in a while, not tame but fun to watch. They were sitting on the neighbor's roof one day.
    We drove out to look at the Canadian geese that nest by a lagoon on the edge of town and they only had a few goslings.
    We did have a lot of white throated and those sparrows with the yellow stripe in head hang out a while during the migration-the go to arrowhead. We put ground food down for them. Lots of house finches, chickadees, an occasional woodpecker. the was a rose breast grosebeak a couple days-stunning!
    Oh-some lovely mourning doves.
    Sorry to go OT dugie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    How some people go thru life acting like there one thing......but in all reality there NOT?
    Like "Tot Mom" & all her pretend lies that she was SO good at?! I'd love to be able to smack the hell out of her although she deserves worse!

    I don't get it either ,Duge.

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