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Thread: Off to DC

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    Off to DC

    Looking forward to see the ones of you going to Washington DC on Friday.

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    Dam Leif,

    I'm going to miss meeting you again. Enjoy your time here and get the inside story for us.

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    sweet, have a great trip!

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    Dinner and DANCE at a SCI conference? Would Irony be the appropriate term??
    Shame soo many are too Stupid and Greedy to realize what truly matters in life.
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    see you there. Wise.

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    God tur
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Good luck Leif!

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    Thanks all and see some of you there. We are four SCIed from us attending plus ten doctors from our SCI-units and several nurses, PTs and so on. We feel it is a good thing to attend some international conferences, aside of the lectures there usually are lots of interesting people to talk to and create connections with for work and project ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by patricks View Post
    Dinner and DANCE at a SCI conference? Would Irony be the appropriate term??
    Hehe actually it is quite possible to dance in a wheelchair both for paras and quads. I’ve done it several times. I remember one time I was dancing with a paraplegic woman. The music was kindof rock’n roll or swing so the dance was a bit fast - and the woman was kindof tiny and light - so into the dance I tried to spin this woman into a pirouette by holding her in one hand above her head and spin her wheelchair with my other hand, all went fine for some time, lots of applause from others, but at one point (maybe due to all the applause) I used to much force and bang she projected out of her wheelchair due to the centrifugal forces and landed face down on the floor, ups! No one got hurt though and we received even more applause Moral of the story is, one don’t stop trying just because one are using a wheelchair. One only live one time
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    - Have a great trip! I'm behind you every step on the way..

    And yes, I'm a quad and I dance too. (but only when I'm absolutely plastered..)
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