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Thread: My mother died

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    My mother died

    My mother died on Saturday. She was 88 years old.
    She went in for a procedure. They cancelled the surgery because they found an aggressive spread of cancer (ovarian). She chose to go into hospice.
    They sent her to another hospital to get pain management in place.
    Within days and lots of morphine she was unable to communicate.
    Her swallowing was impaired so they stopped giving her water.
    As part of the plan there was no IV for hydration. She lasted a little over two weeks. It was hard to watch.
    5 of my brothers and sisters came home.
    We're putting together a memorial but it is hard to know who is doing what.
    A precious life is over. I wish her a continuing existence full of light.

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    So sorry. It is very difficult to loose your parent. It sounded like she got good care and was able to have the death that she wanted. It is great that you supported her in her decisions about this. I hope your siblings can all support each other through this difficult time.


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    I wish you peace & comfort, Rich.

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    Dear "pararich,"

    So very sorry for the loss you and your family have experienced.

    "There are no words deep enough and tender enough to soften your grief, or to lighten your burden. I know that the stars have all gone out, and the world seems poor and barren. Time, of course, will in some little degree dull the edge of pain. I wish I could write words of meaning enough to lessen your sense of loss. But I cannot. I know how I should feel under like circumstances, and so I know that my words are nothing…"

    Robert G. Ingersoll

    May all of you find peace in your mother's sweet memory.
    GJ and NL

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    Sorry for your loss. I hope she had a good life and you take comfort in that.

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    My sincere sympathies to you and your family. Sounds like not only do you have an angel of a mother, but she too has a wonderful son. May you be comforted with your many great memories.

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    Sorry for your loss Rich

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    Sorry to read that your mom passed away. My Mom had major back surgery a few months ago. I am glad she survived. My condolences.
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    I am so sorry Rich... (((hugs and prayers)))
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    I hope you and your family are doing as well as possible. Sorry things took this turn.

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