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Thread: Finally getting my facial surgery

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    Congrats and good luck!
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    Great news! Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Great news Patty. I hope it turns out well and that you have a quick recovery. Please keep us posted.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    Great news! Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

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    I believe that good things always happen with good peoples like you Patty.

    God bless you always and best of luck. Have great days ahead


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    good luck, and please let us know how you are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marycsm77 View Post
    good luck patty. I recall reading your post when you were looking for a surgeon. Where did you decide on?
    Mary--I went with Dr. Jennifer Sivak at the WV Eye Institute in Morgantown, Wv. She's done many of the same type surgeries on our wounded vet's with wonderful outcomes. I feel honored to have found her. Thanks so much for asking!!

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    I'll be going through wv in august.

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    Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. I'll be going for my final pre-surgery consult on June 9th...then we'll schedule the surgery!! YA!!! I'll keep you posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    I'll be going through wv in august.
    Stop by for a beer (or 2) and some chit-chat!! ")

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