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Thread: Finally getting my facial surgery

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    Finally getting my facial surgery

    After many months of fighting with my insurance company finally got the call this evening with the go ahead to have my orbital socket repair and lower eyelid reconstruction!! I know in the scheme of things in comparison to my SCI, it really should not mean so much, but it has really lifted my spirits. Hoping for a good outcome!!

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    Hope all goes well for you. Keep thinking those good and hopeful thoughts.

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    That is great news Patty, I'm wishing you a completely successful surgery and quick recovery!

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    good luck patty. I recall reading your post when you were looking for a surgeon. Where did you decide on?

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    All the best of luck, Patty, and bravo on the insurance victory.

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    This is good news Patty. Wishing you the best of luck.

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    Well, you are already beautiful, but I'm glad that you are getting those repairs made. Best of luck with the surgery.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    I'm so happy for you Patty... speedy recovery!

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    Hi Patty
    I am glad you are getting what you deserve , youre a beautiful lady and I wish you the best
    Good luck
    Sincerely ; Judy

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    Hope all goes well

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