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Thread: sci exercise links / blogs / tutorials?

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    sci exercise links / blogs / tutorials?

    I know about the physiotherapyexercise site. But a while back someones signature had a link to their exercise page with exercise routines and instructions. I'm looking for sites / pages / blogs / step by steps of routines and exercises that others do and benefit from. Please list all such links to this post so we can all get motivated.

    Thank you, God bless

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    that was probably me.....hit me up with any questions.. i can give you more exercises/movements for specific muscles...
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    I'm a physical therapist and have a cardio class online. I could also email videos of exercises to anyone who wants them.

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    Hi abacoian,

    Im using DVD for Exercise, and its really effective for me to have loss weight and gain muscles. You will find any routines and instruction for exercise. I hope this one will help you.

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    Since all of the spinal cord injuries are different theres no perfect set of exercises for everybody. Best advice would be to just listen to your body. Get to know your abilities. Figure out what you can/cannot do and capitalize on everything you have left. Find out where the specific groups are and try to separate them in your exercises. Remember to warm up. Start slow..improve gradually. Good luck!

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