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Thread: SiMUN Power Add-On for manual chairs

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    SiMUN Power Add-On for manual chairs

    Hello everyone! My name is Tony and I'd like to share some information about the new SiMUN Power Add-On for manual wheelchairs with everyone here on the CareCure Community. We (Numotion USA) recently exhibited SiMUN at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles and received lots of great response from many people who attended the show and also many other exhibiters. What a great show! We had a great time and met tons of wonderful people. Thank you everyone! While at the show, many of the people that visited our booth asked if we were members of the CareCure Community Forum, and if not, thought we should visit sometime and spread the word about SiMUN. So here we are (finally)! I've attached a few pictures and a short video showing SiMUN in action. If anyone would like more info, just drop me an email. I'm looking forward to meeting many more people here and sharing comments. Thanks everyone.

    Here's the video link:

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    Hi Tony. Pretty sweet. How much does it weigh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Hi Tony. Pretty sweet. How much does it weigh?
    SiMUN weighs in at approx. 27.5 lbs including the battery and just over 21 lbs without the battery.

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