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Thread: Playoff fever? Anyone?

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    Playoff fever? Anyone?

    Where is monkey girl these days? Any hockey fans left around here? Ok, let me narrow it down. Any Canucks fans? Boston fans? Let the 'killer whale' eat 'bear meat'. Better that than me having to eat Boston clam chowder. That's not even an option. I hate those filthy little buggers. (clams that is)
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    Haven't seen you for a while! We are interested in the playoffs, Canucks fans I guess.... not jumping on any wagons after we jumped on the Oiler wagon when we lived in Edmonton in 2006.
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    Canuck fan since they joined the league, i was living on Vancouver Island way back when. Been my favorite team for that long even without a cup so got my fingers crossed!


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    Not really a huge sports fan, but since I am in greater Boston it is hard not to get caught up in Bruins fever. A succulent fried clam is one of natures gifts, at least for me!

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