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Thread: what's the best all in 1 product for full body workout / stretching?

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    I agree with Pat and the others. I have therabands/ the tubes, attached to the railings on my hospital bed in two places. I take one long tube, fold in half, put bend through small end of theraband assist attachment devise, put two loose ends through bend and pull tight. I have no hand function so I put the large loop of the devise around my hand to pull and push. Tie loose ends around railings or elsewhere. I do three types of bicep curls simply by changing the direction of my hand, palm forward, palm down and palm sideways.

    I buy the tubes by the box so I can cut to length I want. Depending on strength you may want to start out heavier than you think. When folded and tied they are twice as strong and last very long.
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    Thanks for the info folks. I'm looking to strengthen my pecs and anterior delts. My back muscles are too strong and overpower my internal rotators. I have no grip and little wrist so I have a loop on the end of the band. The bands I have now attached to a wooded beam where the beam meets a post. At the moment I'm using the loop setup for lat pulldowns and triceps extensions.I'm open to any ideas.

    I'll look into the tubes, thanks for the advice Patrick, roc and forestranger.

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    mine is made by gaiam...they make alot of yoga type stuff...but dont think they make the cycle anymore.....on my link, scroll down, theres a few listed....mine pretty much same....pedal has strap on feet stay in without a prob.....mine has motor to help....
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