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Thread: Lift suggestion?

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    Lift suggestion?

    Does anyone know of a simple and small mechanical lift. I need something small enough to fit through the tight turn of my doorway and to not take up too much space in my tiny house. I've gained some weight but am probably not much more than 100 or 110 pounds, so maybe a youth one would work. Do they make such a thing?

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    One of the lifts made for travel, such as the Liko Light, Hoyer Advance, or Molift Smart would probably be the way to go, unless you are able to get a ceiling track lift. The Arjo Trixie is no longer made, but is excellent for that use, and occasionally can be found used.


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    Random I was always taught the most important part of moving anyone in a lift was to make sure the leg part of the lift was fully extended for balance...early in my son's injury the room he was in was quite small- and one day decided it would be easier to put his chair in the living room, get him in the lift and take him to his chair...wasn't a good idea...when we got to the door and I put the legs in the regular position I damn near lost my son... it was tippy...perhaps because of your weight you might get away with wide is the door way?

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    What do you mean by lift? Do you mean something like a hoyer to get you in and out your chair? or a platform type to lift you chair and all from the ground level to your doorway?
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    Good question...I took the post to mean a hoyer type lift as that is what KDL gave as examples...

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