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Thread: HBOT Therapy (moved from Stephen Davies Update topic)

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    My own reading on this subject suggested that it was very successful, but as cpaul indicates, it's application must be timely. Nothing I read indicated that you could hang around to "wait and see". I must admit that the condition indicated was for stroke only.

    Surely faced with tbi or stroke, the expeditious use of this therapy is strongly indicated. What's to lose? The alternatives are dire and the cost conservative compared with many treatments.
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    HBOT ONLY Good For Acute SCI

    As CPaul noted, HBOT is only good for very acute SCI injuries. In the first few hours there is swelling (ischemia) of all the tissues surrounding the cord and the blood supply is shut off. HBOT can supply oxygen directly through the CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) to the cord and keep it alive. The pressure in the chamber also reduces swelling.

    However, it is extremely rare that (even if the doctors knew about this technique and had the facilities) that it could be useful for SCI. There is one book written by a guy that suffered from the bends after scuba diving. Normally nitrogen bubbles form in the joints but occasionally they form in the spinal column. These bubbles shut off the blood supply and the cord dies.

    This guy was fortunate in that he was flown by helicopter to an offshore drilling rig. They have facilities for HBOT as a decompression treatment and are even setup to live in the chamber for days. In the case of a typical traumatic accident, it simply is not possible to put an MRI, X-ray machine, CAT scanner, and an operating theater all in an HBOT chamber.

    So don't do it for SCI.

    But it is amazing for SKIN BREAKDOWN! This is very common among SCI patients. Even ten treatments will heal most skin breakdown injuries, without drugs or operations or side effects.

    Also good for stroke, TBI, Lyme's disease, MS, CP, and possibly Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I have done ~300 sessions. Basically no change in my SCI. I regrew a tiny bit of hair (male pattern baldness), but I never had a single skin breakdown while taking treatments. Since then I have had four or five minor skin breakdowns, most of them successfully treated with a few sessions of HBOT. (Sometimes I wasn't in a position to be treated.)

    I have seen some amazing recovery stories, including a renowned violin teacher (with dozens of books to his credit) who couldn't play after a relatively minor stroke that affected his left side. After 20 sessions he could play perfectly again and then did 20 more to ensure that the recovery would be lasting. I have seen many, many more positive results with my own eyes.

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