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Thread: HI all, new here

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    So glad you like the neurosurgeon and won your battle with Anthem over the MRI! Insurance companies are certainly the guardians at the gate when it comes to health care - their gate to our money. You might have to fight them again if you need surgery, but with your neurosurgeon's support they surely won't put up too much of a din.

    It's fine to keep posting general updates here - if your situation takes a new turn and you need specific input about that, starting a new thread on a particular forum (i.e., Care for treatment issues, Pain for discomfort, and so on) might ensure the widest readership.

    Thank you for your update, best wishes as your diagnostic work proceeds and treatment options become clearer!

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    Thanks Bonnette! Yes, I had to call Anthem, the PA to the neurosurgeon had a peer to peer review with Anthem, my local agent called Anthem, and then I had to fax a bunch of reports from previous CT's, MRI's, Xrays, etc to the doctor to then have them fax to Anthem, along with their notes on all the errors in the, the two MRI's when I only had one, no reported numbness or weakness in leg(my right has both), and no reflex problems (again, the right leg has noticeable decrease in reflex, hit the left knee, and hit the sky, hit the right knee, and it barely bounces). I'm just so glad the PA kept fighting for it too, since they scheduled it for sooner rather than later, and I didn't want to have to cancel the hotel room and the other tests and reschedule everything since I have it set up as Wed night MRI, Thursday morning, tests at 8:30, then doc visit at 11am. Trying to save gas and time off work.

    They are not sure I have a tethered cord, but, that's what the new MRI will determine. I was more put at ease with this doc, he didn't scare me to death with oh you've got this and this right off the bat, he was more laid back and let's get the new tests and then we'll discuss. Wonder if he's more that way because he's a pediatric neuro and not an adult? He only sees adults that were born with birth defects etc.

    Phew, sorry for the long post. I was in a horrible mood yesterday after fighting with the insurance, but hopefully I will have news/answers on Thursday and find out where to go to from there. Much better today...

    Just hope they do not want to do the surgery before Sept 17th, my cousin, who I babysat long ago (11 yrs my junior) is getting married, and I'm not in the wedding, but I would be so so so upset if I didn't get to go, but if all goes well and they do the surgery quickly, hopefully I'd be on the mend by then.

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    What a nightmare it is to gather all the paperwork - and personnel - needed to fight insurance companies. They count on people not having the stomach to jump through all those hoops, so kudos to you and your health care team for persevering. It's unbelievable, how wrong the insurance companies' records can be!

    I also hear you about not wanting to have to reschedule your workup. It is insanely nerve-racking to coordinate doctor appointments, hotel dates and transportation schedules - most of that is left to the patient, who is hardly in the calm frame of mind necessary to negotiate all of that.

    If you do need surgery, probably you'd feel better for your cousin's wedding if you had it done after the ceremony - recovery from spinal cord surgery can take awhile. It's not easy to assign priorities, to say the least - but I do hope you'll be able to attend the wedding and feel good while you're there. That's quite a milestone, watching the one you once babysat getting married!

    So glad to hear you're feeling better about things now. I know how jangling it is to deal with insurance companies, believe me.

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    Sounds like you are on the right track. I'm glad to read that you are seeing a pediatric neurosurgeon who is ruling out tethered cord. I encourage you to stay very proactive in pursuing treatment. Make it your highest priority. It is very difficult to recover lost function - so do what you need to do to preserve what you have.

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    Yes, the NS actually was surprised that when I was born, they did no surgery. But I guess back in 1977, being that the hole was closed on my back, and the hair didn't start growing there until I was 5, there was no need for anyone to think anything was wrong.

    I will pursue this to the end, b/c it's got to be better than living with this pain that debilitates you on a daily basis! I know my hubs and daughter are so tired of hearing, mommy doesn't want to do this b/c I just don't feel like it today

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