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Thread: There Is Already A Cure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dthedust View Post
    i dont agree with some parts of that interview. i was diagnosed a t-12 complete at craig hospital in 04 at 24. last year i went to the only spinal cord clinic in town since the accident the university kansas medical center(not a quarter as good as craig) and with the full movement of hips and leg muscle movement and ejaculation was downgraded to an L incomplete. i never really bought into the phantom feeling explanation and every night in bed when im flat i try rotating things with and without my hips and more slowly comes back. when i do that i can feel the injury site start to spasm more and i take it as a good sign but i have no clue. when the accident happened there was therapists telling me 10 years and there will be a cure but just laughed it off as i do now. im a po boy so i cant really afford all the therapy stuff but i am curious whats going on in my body. this would be my first post here so i apologize for my random input but i do not believe in phantom feeling. i know dr young is a busy man but if you read this, if my injury spot starts spasming more as i try moving legs again a good sign?

    If you have had a T12 (bony) injury, this means that your injury is to the lumbosacral cord which is located between T10 and L1. Your L1 to L3 should be intact, explaining why you have some hip movement. It probably missed your S1-S5 segments, which may explain why you have erection and ejaculation.

    In my opinion, your type of injury will require not just regeneration but also neuronal replacement. Ten or even five years ago, such therapies could not have been contemplated because there were no reliable source of immune-compatible neural stem cells.

    However, in recent years, several potential sources have been discovered that show promise but these will require much work and investment to bring to clinical trial. These include iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells) and Muse cells (multipotent stem cells).


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    Dr. Young Will there ever be anything to help with the foot pain I got? T12 incomp

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    thanks for even reading and replying dr. young. at the time of the accident i couldnt do any of the things i mentioned they just slowly started coming back. the 10 year prediction was from counselors right before stem cells were banned.the t-12 complete diagnosis was true at the time, but after my body started showing improvements i went to KUMC and they said it was L section incomplete. the hip movement was a year afterwards and that started my moving them as much as possible then i was able to tighten muscles in thighs.the erection part was never a problem, but a year ago i ejaculated for first time since accident and couldnt believe it. i was actually the most curious about why when im laying flat trying to lift my legs and whatnot the injured area starts "spasming"/noticeable movement, i dont know if its good/bad/doesnt mean a thing. im not as educated in the sci department as i should be and as everyone here seems to be. but thanks for taking the time to explain some of the stuff. probably misdiagnosed at craig, though at the time running a finger across my foot wouldnt make it move but that changed within months.#edit-i have full hip movement now compared to none.if i could cut my legs off and put metal ones there i could walk with crutches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Paddon View Post
    Is it? I didn't notice that, it says 2011 on my screen - I was just making a point - ever since 1982 I have been reading about cures and people working hard to recover............the truth is there is there is still nothing that can help me even move my big toe
    I don't see any dates anywhere, but according to the the article it says:

    "It was in June 1992 that the family car, driven by her father Mike, was hit by a lorry in North Wales.
    Miss Quinn's spinal cord was severed and her older sister, Gillian, broke her back.

    Now, 11 years on, she has taken her first steps.

    After eight months of pioneering mind therapy she is able to walk a few yards, kick a football and ride an exercise bike.

    Last night Miss Quinn said: 'I was told I would never leave my wheelchair. But I am determined to make a complete recovery.

    'I always had belief that one day things would improve. Now I feel I can do anything I want. It's all within my reach. I have a future, and I just can't wait for it."

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    Having a severed spinal cord and walking 11 years later by mind control?

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elvis is still alive
    while pigs can even fly

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    Although the media has taken this completely out of context (as usual) it does highlight the issue that Gemma Quinn was told her cord was "completely severed". It has been mentioned many times on this forum that a transected cord is very very rare. I wonder if her cord was truly severed?

    Also, it is common protocol for neuroconsultants to tell patients post-SCI "you will never walk again". This is something that now needs to change as the reality is that the neuroconsultants dont really know what will happen in terms of recovery. Why not tell the truth rather than trying to "manage hope" at such an early stage of SCI. This is something that should be voiced at ISCoS.

    If clinicians/consultants/surgeons stopped telling people "you will never walk again" and educated patients with the facts about the progress of science then we might not have as many of these opaque stories in the media proving the medical field wrong

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    So far My Cure

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    I put m hands on the Television screen and here is what happened lol

    Just Joking

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