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Thread: Nice, warm places to live on east coast?

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    Nice, warm places to live on east coast?

    I'm currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. It rains all the time, is freezing most of the year, and there are a ton of hills. So I was looking for places to relocate to on the east coast that are a decent bit warmer and hopefully flatter than here. Any ideas?

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    suvannah is a great place, virginia beach, or on down toward florida.........florida has a great deal on property taxes for the disabled.......anything above virginia and you'll have to deal with snow and ice.......

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    Virginia and West Virginia is warmer than northern states. We do have cold winters but summers are usually very warm and humid. Florida would be an excellent state for you to relocate to. It usually stays 70 in winter months.

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    I think Airart meant to say Florida has property tax exemptions for military and low income disabled. Plus it's flat and mostly accessible newer construction.

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    yeah, they have a deal for the military and the disabled, if your a quad u dont have to pay any property tax at all, para's its a percentage, just like here in tn. i get 30% off mine because of disabled veteran, if it was active duty it would be none....just florida is good and flat, been alway thru it mostly, not really a bad place in the state, south carolina wouldnt be bad there either, worked there many years ago, pretty nice.....

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    West coast of Florida, from ST. Pete south.

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