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Thread: Syringomyelia / T12-Incomplete

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    Syringomyelia / T12-Incomplete

    Hello. I wish I’ve found this site sooner. I’m T12 injury and I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 2008. Since then my sensation on my left side, especially my left hand, is getting weak and I can’t really feel hot or cold. In 2010, my left hand’s strength decreased from 80 pounds pressure to just 1 one pound. I can’t really hold anything, my grip is extremely weak or gone. So I decided to have a surgery done through Shunt method, but the surgery didn’t help. Now my left hand is just skin and bone. Anyone here with this condition? How do you deal with it? Any special exercise I can do to strengthen my fingers and hand, just my left hand. My right hand has full strength.

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    I have moved this to the exercise and recovery forum, which may yield you more responses.


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