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Thread: Wheelchair Lacrosse Hits East Coast

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    Wheelchair Lacrosse Hits East Coast

    WOW...what an amazing weekend we had. Ryan Baker and Bill Lundstrom, founders of WLAX flew in from CA, 2 guys from FL, 3 guys from MD and we all met in Richmond VA for the first East Coast WLAX Clinic. The LAX community donated funds, facility and equipment. Starbucks, Panera and Jimmy Johns donated food and drinks. Sports chairs came from Sportable, our local adaptive sports non profit. We had an absolute BLAST and now we are forming teams. A fire has been lit around this new sport.

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    Cool! I wanted to go...but it did not fall at a good time for me or my husband! Looks like an awesome time!
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    I think some of these guys are coming up to Canada next month. I cant wait!!!If anyone wants more details for the Oshweken Ontario event in June please let me know and I will post.

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    Is there any info out there on this? I used to play in high school and think it would be awesome to give it a shot again. does anyone have any links to check out?

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    sweet! just today I was in the sporting goods store looking at lacrosse sticks wondering if there was a wheeled version of the sport.

    what's with the shoulder pads? Is that just for protection from the ball or are these guys gonna give rugby a run for its' claim as the only "full-contact wheelchair sport"?

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    I'd love to see a game. Sounds like it was a great event.

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    There is some pretty basic videos on the sport if you do a youtube search for wheelchair lacrosse. Keep an eye out for the one with garbage cans and folding chairs for the goaltender!!!

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    My son wants to attend the Canada event so badly! Wish we could make it up there.

    Yes, it is full contact....all of the guys and girls that played fell in love with this new sport. Some came away with a few marks and bruises.

    You can find info on upcoming clinics at

    We are forming a team in Richmond, had our first meeting this week. Next step is an equipment drive. We had some sticks donated at the event but need pads, gloves and helmets. Soooo much fun!

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