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Thread: Condom cath coming off due to penis retraction...HELP?

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    Condom cath coming off due to penis retraction...HELP?

    I have been using Hollister external/extended wear condom catheters for many years now,they have worked the best for me when they stay on. The inner shield they use prevents the urine from backing up and dissolving the adhesive,,it forms a seal over the head of the penis.
    The problem I've been having for awhile is that my penis tends to retract at times causing the cath to come off,which is a royal pain. I've heard that those who are overweight or big bellies can contribute to this but I am neither.
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of or known of someone who had a penile implant to help this. The kind that are the 2 ridgid rods where the penis always stays in a semi-erect state. I was thinking that with this the penis cannot retract causing the cath to come off.
    I really need to keep using the external catheters system for drainage as I had a sphincterotomyperformed and cannot deal with a supra pubic as I'd worry about leakage out the penis from the sphincterotomy..
    I did talk to a urologist about this awhile ago and seemed like he tried to discourage me from the implant with the 2 silicone rods..
    So,any thoughts or ideas people? Thanks much

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    I do not know if the implants will help your problem. In the past it has been reported that there is a higher rate of complications in SCI, such as infections and penetrating through the tissue. This has been attrilbuted to the lack of sensation and knowing when problems are beginning to develop.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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    How long ago did you have the sphincterotomy? One possible side-effect is impotence.

    My retraction stopped when I got rid of a chronic UTI. Of course, the infection and further retraction can happen at a moment's notice.

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    When I was in rehab I was setup doing intermittent cathing 4-6 times a day. They also gave me some external catheters and a leg bag to bring home. They only showed me how to use the leg bag system a few times. One of the steps for applying the external catheter and leg bag was to use Skin-Prep.

    Well, several months after I came home I started randomly voiding after a severe UTI. It shut my lifestyle down so I stopped cathing, except for once a day between external cath changes, and started using the leg bag. After using the leg bag for several weeks, I grew impatient and chucked the Skip-Prep step thinking it was just superficial and a time waster.

    After MANY years of accidents, slippage, kinks, ... I thought maybe the Skip-Prep is a lot more effective than I gave it credit for. So I started using it and sure enough the seal on my external rarely let me down. And I rarely check that things are okay now except for transfers in and out of my chair.

    I know it sounds totally rediculous but the exclusion of that step caused me years of accidents and paranoia. I'd try it for a few months if you're not already doing and see what happens.

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    I, too, have found the skin prep to be very valuable in helping secure it. Also, shaving the hair helps. Some people use the self adhesive and others use the velcro or some sort of tape to secure it in place. I have also had some good results with using a penile pouch, which adheres more to the skin around the penis and not directly on the penis.

    I know of some who have had penile prosthesis, but in my practice, it doesnt happen often and many have problems jsut as was described above. I would try some session with an ostomy nurse who might help you get a better fit with teh external or pouch.

    Let's see what others have to say.


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    my reply

    thanks for the advice guys...the sphincterotomy I had redone 1 1/2 yr.ago..i had one done previously about 15 yrs.ago..
    As far as the skin prep..I spoke with a nurse at Hollister and they don't advise using it for catheter adhesion...she said its only used for colostomy bags or similar..she said it leaves a residue which makes it feel sticky but doesn't help with also has alcohol in it..the best thing she said was to wash with soap (ivory) and water..
    I had used the adhesive wipes before and they said that wasn't good as it forms a barrier the prevents cath from sticking to skin..i'm just relaying what they say...thanks for all advice tho..i do know that what works for one doesn't necessarily mean it works for all..the hollister extended wear catheters are still the best i've found though,for those who need a better catheter,,,they are the only catheter with the inner shield that keeps the urine from backing up to where the adhesive is...the only trick is you need to force the head of penis up into the bulb and fill it up,so urine doesn't pool there..

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    Patrick, how much volume do you void, i.e. 200-3o0 cc at a time, or do you have a continuous drip?

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    it varies how much i void,,but usually dribble some i believe,,,can't always tell cause it goes into bag which is covered by my pantleg...i can tell when bladder fills up as i can feel blood pressure go up some...i do notice when i do a weight shift,push up, i can hear it go into bag,like 100cc at least. then blood pressue goes back down...i have prostrate checked annualy so i know that doesn't keep me from voiding.

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