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Thread: Freedom Ryder frh-1 vs lasher ath?

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    Freedom Ryder frh-1 vs lasher ath?

    Hey guys and gals. I'm in the market to buy a new hand cycle and I think I have rounded it down to these 2. Lasher ATH and the FR fRh-1. Has anyone had any experience putting larger tires (more off road) on the Freedom Ryder? I will probably do some light trail riding and mainly crushed gravel (rail trail) type riding. The lasher looks awesome but maybe a bit too pricey for me. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed, thanks for reading and contributing.

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    Hey Keith, I own a FRH and really like it. Not sure on the wider tires. You could contact Mike Lofgren to find out. Mike is the builder; not sure if he owns F/R or not. I know Steve Ackerman did at one time.

    The Lasher does look expensive. I know the wider tires would be great for softer surfaces but really slow on the road. I do crushed gravel and no probs. as long as it's not sharp. It would be difficult to put on a taller wider tire as the tire would rub on the fork.
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    Freedom Ryder handcycles.

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    I got a FRH-1 this spring and love it, although I have nothing to compare it to as it is my first handcycle. With shipping, all options and a custom colour it was $4545 CDN. Considering a list price of $4995 USD and you know for certain you want to do some "off-roading" if I were you I'd splurge on the magnesium Lasher. I use one of their chairs (BT-Mg) and the build quality is second to none. Plus you'll get a bike made completely in the USA whereas my FRH-1 frame is Taiwanese, if that sort of thing matters to you.

    *** If it is your first bike get the FRH-1, I believe it has quite a bit more adjustability than the ATH. ***

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    I finally decided on the Lasher Sport ATH. It has been ordered and I can't wait to get it. Bill Lasher was amazing to work with and he will answer any question you can come up with and is super helpful.

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    Good job K. Probably one of the best decision as far as getting in shape. I may upgrade to one myself for my 36th anniv. of riding; I do like my FRH though. Gotta keep motivated ol. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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    lucky dog! Bill is great with the initial customer service, genuinely wants things built to perfection to exceed his own demands if not yours.

    That being said, stay on top of the build. Make sure your measurements and add-on options are being adhered to, a couple of us here have had our chairs "upgraded" after ordered to look or feel "better". For example, my welded-solid BT-Mg got a free polished footrest (which I'm not complaining about) and the center-of-gravity was set 1/4" off - thankfully back instead of forward. As well my uni-tine casters were placed on the wrong sides, easy fix but made me wonder...

    Also keep in mind there will be an import tariff to pay upon delivery. FedEx charged me over $400 for power of attorney to have it imported because Lasher is an "exporter only" as explained to me. Another small surprise.
    All in all I would do business with him again, the build quality of the magnesium alloy frame is superb. I wish the FreedomRyder had the option of a powder-coated frame like the Lasher, I paid extra for a custom color (Murcielago matte blue) and got flat royal blue out of a can. The finish on my Lasher chair is beautiful, especially in the sunlight.

    Definitely let us know when you get it! And if you don't mind me asking what was the final dollar figure and with which options.

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    Would be nice K if you knew someone just South of the border. You could have it sent there and oick it up. Would save big bucks and time getting it. I have a lot of guys from Vancouver who have their chairs and bikes sent here to avoid the extra cost and time.

    Does he still have to pay the Import tariff if it's a medical product Tooley? Is the handcycle considered a med. product; by definition, it should be.

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    I've just ordered a Lasher ATH too. Expensive, yes, maybe... but then so is a luxury car. I've been riding a XLT Gold for 5 years but find the roads in the UK very dangerous and find myself more and more exploring the off road tracks so think this is the perfect bike for me! About 4-5 weeks until i get it now and cannot wait! Hope you enjoy yours too K-Dog... totally agree Bill is extremely helpful when ordering... only thing, shipping to UK is a killer!

    Cheers, Stevie

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    Hey guys, so really the only upgrades I ordered with the bike is spinergy wheels with white spokes and the accessory bag for the back. I have a friend that has a bike shop so if I ever need to upgrade from the STD parts, then I have no issues. It's going to look sweet! Once I get it, I'll post pictures and maybe even a unboxing video/initial review. Thanks for the help everyone,

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyman View Post
    About 4-5 weeks until i get it now and cannot wait!
    Cheers, Stevie
    I ordered mine 2-3 weeks ago and cannot wait too, i`m impatient.

    But i never had one before, so i don`t know if i will love this sport, so i just contact Oracing and told them: hey make me something cheap, light, compact and good for start! they know my SCI and my measurements so i suposse they will make something according to my level, but if i tell you the true i don`t know what is coming lol.

    But sure all us will enjoy with our bikes, no worry about the brand.

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