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Thread: Would damage of the olfactory nerve prevent OEG from being harvested for treating SCI?

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    Would damage of the olfactory nerve prevent OEG from being harvested for treating SCI?

    Mum asked this question in the following message and her son has an injury to the head that caused anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) and wondered if this would prevent olfactory ensheathing glia (OEG) from being harvested and used for treating his SCI.

    I thought that I better start a new topic to answer to answer the question.

    OEG reside in the olfactory bulb and the olfactory nerve. Most scientists have been taking OEG from the olfactory bulb for their experiments. Recently, Lu, et al. had reported that they had successfully used the inner lining of nasal mucosa (from the nose) to harvest OEG and use these cells to regenerate the spinal cord. There are still some question in my mind whether Lu had actually isolated OEG or there were some other cell type in the nasal mucosa that was responsible for stimulating regeneration in the spinal cord. On the other hand, I am certainly not wedded to OEG and think that if there is a cell type in nasal mucosa that can do the job, it doesn't matter what its name is.

    I am not sure where OEG cells come from. We know that they are present in the nerve and the bulb. In the bulb, they are only in the outer layers of the bulb where the nerves enter the bulb. Deep in the bulb, there are, however, many stem cells that have migrated from the subventricular zone of the brain.

    There are some people who think that they are actually peripheral cells that are generated by stem cells in the olfactory mucosa and then migrate up the olfactory nerve into the olfactory bulb. They may not be true neural cells. They seem more akin to Schwann cells but have the capability of living and migrating in the central nervous system without stimulating astrocytes to build walls (basal lamina) around them.


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    OEG Cells

    Dr. Young,

    How many labs in all are researching OEG cells? Are there any labs here in the US with funding for OEG research or trying to duplicate the results? You may have mentioned in previous posts. I just feel with the controversy of ESC's that the quickest avenue to pursue would be the OEG cells.

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