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Thread: Trip to the ER and my hands are screwed up

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    Trip to the ER and my hands are screwed up

    So a few weeks ago after a day of screaming, puking and passing out from pain my wife called my doc and i go by ambulance to the ER. He calls ahead to advise CP and not a seeker.

    The pain was soo much like the nerve pain when my legs were dying but from my neck down my arms and I lost strength and motor function in both hands.

    It was Easter weekend so after 3 shots of morphine and a demerol, xrays and CT scan I signed myself out.

    Neurosurgeon puts me on a steroid pac says my pics look OK for the likes of me Degen Disk Dis and stenosis but send me to a neurologist for the EMG and nerve conduction tests.

    I assume a new CP manifestation.

    Finally tested last week and the tests show no cervical nerve issues but extremely severe Carpal Tunnel, to which I reply this is a joke right? that's the disease de jour 3-5 years ago. He says you already have zero response on several tested nerves and have likely permanently damage them and need immediate surgery on both hands.

    So I said so how about a shot of cortisone and therapy and he says so how about in addition to being an L-3 incomplete with poor ambulatory function you have no hand function. So I asked about alternate therapy and he responds that my neurosurgeon told him I'd be difficult so he gives me the names of the 2 best guys in the area and walks out and says let my neuro or GP talk some sense into me.

    feeling still not back, pain not going away, and 2 lectures by my GP and Neuro looks like I'm getting my hands done.

    most I've been able to type in weeks and must hunt and peck several fingers not working very well.

    anyone had Carpal Tunne surgery. Surgical Eval june 6, surgery within a week likely.

    I asked to have them done together but they won't, hygiene issues. Didn't try to explain i can't twist enough or bend enough to use one of m hands. I will when I get the eval but i doubt it will make a difference to the doc.

    After reading dogs nightmare I feel like a wussy, but i don't think i could manage if my hands are fucked too.
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    Oh Bill,sorry you had this ordeal. Please keep us posted.

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    Sorry to hear this Bill...
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    I, too, am so sorry that you are going through this and I'm wishing you completely successful surgeries and excellent outcomes.

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    Bill, you are a LOT of things, but a WUSS is NOT one of them!!! Hang in there, friend, even if one-handed!

    Looking for better days for you!!!

    Take care and God bless,


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    being skiddish about going under the knife doesnt mean your are a wuss. it means you are like the rest of us.

    im hoping for the best for you.
    thanx for checking in.

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    Bill, I am bummed for you. So sorry this is going on in addition to everything else you deal with. You are definitely NOT a wusss!

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    Sorry for your troubles, man.

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    Have the op. Go with a surgeon whose specialty is hands and only hands. Ask your neurosurgeon who he'd see for the surgery if he were in your chair.

    You have one set of hands. Causing additional damage by delaying surgery and continuing to use and abuse what you have remaning in function will have consequences you cannot begin to imagine. It's possible to live with limited hand function, but you really don't want to go here.

    If you have nerve damage the EMG is showing as dead areas, pay heed. Find the best hand surgeon you can. Have the op and do all the post surge PT/OT recommended as though your hand function depends upon it.

    Because it does.

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    Aw, f**k, KetKit. This is just so wrong it defies words, and I'm so sorry.

    Do anything and everything necessary to preserve your remaining hand function, starting with finding the best hand surgeon you can. LaMem is right -- while you can learn to live with screwed up hands, it's something you should go out of your way to avoid.

    I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I advise you to talk with the surgeon about pain management from the get go.

    Hang on and keep us posted. And please stop feeling 'less than'. You and Arndog are two of the strongest people I've ever known.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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