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Thread: Urocare Sport Bag Drainage Question

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    Urocare Sport Bag Drainage Question

    I am venturing out in shorts tomorrow and I bought a sport bag like number 9016 shown here (scroll down on the page for the image):

    Clearly its made to mount perpendicular to ones thigh or over the top of the thigh. My questions are as follows:

    By mounting the bag in this manner the urine in the bag will be directly in the way of the inflow tube (where the catheter is connected). How will this allow the urine to drain into the bag properly while urine is already in the bag?

    In addition, with the bag going from one side of the thigh and over the top to the other side, how does urine flow from one side over the top to the other side? I have always read that leg bags show be placed below the bladder and this has the urine going uphill!

    Any help is appreciated. Its summer here in GA and getting hot!

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    Hi "quartermile,"
    I haven't had any experience with the Sports (thigh) urine bags, but I have had great luck with Urocare customer support answering questions and giving me tips on how to use their products.
    1 (909) 621-6013
    1 (800) 423-4441 (within the US and Canada only)
    I have spoken several times with Raymond.

    All the best,

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    I have used this bag before and they work fine,tho tend to empty it after every void as when they fill up they have a big buldge on your thigh(not the best look).
    With my normal leg bag i have a 3"tube between my urodome and the bag but with the sports bag i connect the end of the urodome straight to the bag.
    PS.I also take the cut the red valve a couple of ml so the urine can flow quicker.

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    you should have no prob. have used this bag and routinely use short/wide bag attached to thigh under skirts. i have never had a prob. i just make sure foley is not kinked and it loops to upper thigh and then to bag.

    dunno why it works, but have done this almost 25 yrs.

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    also be sure to secure it to keep it from pistoning, or pulling when you transfer. I recon it works like a belly bag would.

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    I am trying to find this at allegro medical and they have dicontinued it. Any news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramoto View Post
    I am trying to find this at allegro medical and they have dicontinued it. Any news?
    It would be my guess that Allegro Medical has taken this model urine bag out of their product offerings. If you do an internet search, you will find the bag offered at a number of locations. I didn't check all of them out, but if you are coming up with "discontinued" or "out of stock messages", you might contact Urocare at 1 (909) 621-6013, 1 (800) 423-4441 (within the US and Canada only) and ask for more information.

    All the best,

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    My bladder pressure will push urine up into and fill a leg bag mounted to my calf, when I am tilted all the way back in a power wheelchair. My head is lower than my leg bag.
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