View Poll Results: wondering how many women w/SCI have access to GYN/mammograms

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  • yes, i have access to GYN but not to mammograms

    4 30.77%
  • yes i have access to mammograms but not to GYN

    1 7.69%
  • i have access to neither

    3 23.08%
  • i have access to both

    5 38.46%
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Thread: access to GYN/Mammogram

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    access to GYN/Mammogram

    i am wondering how many of yall have access to accessible GYN care and Mammograms?
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    I said no, but if I travel two hours I can have wheelchair access to a mammogram. My uro-gynecologist is 4hrs away (that's one way).
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    The Gyn is easy to find for me but the mammogram is only for standing people. The Gyn is private, maybe if I call one of the private hospitals I can get a mammogram too.

    The Gyn has a very nice chair, very accessible and very easy to transfer.
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    wow lynnifer, 2 hours?? 4 hours one way!? yikes!
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    My primary care doc has a hi/low table in one of the exam rooms. B/C of age I haven't had to worry about the mammo access yet.
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    I use to just have access for mammograms but my primary care just bought a hi/low table so now I have access to both. I use to be lifted to the table for gyn.
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