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Thread: Bra Issues

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    Bra Issues

    Hi. I'm a C5 Quad and am having issues where my bra won't stay put. I went for a fitting but if I spasm or lift my arm a lot the edges rise. It's frustrating because I can't fix it myself. I resorted to sports bra's but there not flattering. Any suggestions?

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    I know exactly what you mean. Don't have any really good suggestions, but just recently saw something on tv called the Ahh bra. Looked interesting. Here's the site:

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    Try a bra with a wider band under the cups. You want the band snug, but not too tight. See how you do with a racerback style. It keeps straps from falling off your shoulders by design.

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    try going down in inches. say if you're a 36, then go to a 34. i buy from
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    Quote Originally Posted by crypticgimp View Post
    try going down in inches. say if you're a 36, then go to a 34. i buy from
    Yeppers. Go down a band size and up a cup size.

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    A well fitted bra should not rise, even with a couple of spasms, so try to find a good store where they can help you to find one that fits you.

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    I like the camis with support in them. They won't be enough if you are busty though. I am a B cup, and they do the trick most of the time. The added benefit is that they are very long these days, so they stay tucked in to my pants, even with multiple transfers.
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    I like the Bali longline style of bra.

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