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Thread: Wanted Used tennis chair

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    Wanted Used tennis chair

    Hi, i an looking for used tennis chair anyone have?


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    ops, sorry double post can admin remove this thanks.

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    What size chair are you looking for?

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    selling one (not me)

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    I'm going to sell my Quickie MatchPoint. I ordered a new TopEnd (fixed frame), which will be in soon. It is a w14" d16". I'll be happy to send my tennischair to the US, but I have no idea what it will cost you.

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    BTW; I use Spinergy Spox Sports wheels (white spokes) on my Quickie MP, with vinyl coated handrimes. Still have the other wheels (see pic).

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    Sorry, didn't saw your location, I'll be happy to send it Singapore too!

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    How much you selling thanks.
    My email is

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