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Thread: ASW with Shepherd this weekend???

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    ASW with Shepherd this weekend???

    Anyone else from here going???

    Its the Activity Skills Workshop with the Shepherd Center. Basically lots of PWD's staying in cabins on a lake in Alabama. Lots of activites (mostly to do with the lake), plus, and lots of yummy little PT students from some local college running around in their swim-suits trying to get towels and whatnot....he he

    Anyway, its tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. Wondered if anyone else from here was going? Would be nice to say hello if you are

    This is me doing all the activities I plan to:

    ...except no alcohol allowed. So....

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    I went a few years ago. I enjoyed it. Have fun.
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    Have fun Mark!

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    ahhh it was a blast....(hey andy, you shoulda gone...)

    I'll post just a few pics just for the hell of it. Great people there, lots of new friends, and just a wonderful time....

    Anyway, thought y'all might be interested in some pics. We need more of these kind of things for the handicaps....

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