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Thread: Abdominal Surgery under the lens of chronic central neuropathic pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    Words are inadequate to express how much I wish it were possible for you to heal completely and never - never - have a return of this condition. May strength come to you, may you have some relief, may this particular siege resolve in a way you can live with, and soon.
    If I could say it better than Bonnette has, I would. I can't.

    Hoping that things turn around and quick for you, Arndog.
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    Dog, what a combination of horrific injuries. Then to top it off with neuro pain, enough already! I can only send healing vibes from the West Coast

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    I'm so sorry to read this. I know we all hate this expression but, "I'm inspired by you!"
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    So sorry having neuro pain and your bowel problems are awful. Reading your story is painful because I can read the pain in your words. Unless a Doctor had this pain he can never understand the daily issues you deal with. I hope your bowel heals up quickly I know there is no magic pill, but you are in my prayers.

    Sharing your story is to say the least touching, my issues of pain, neuro pain and bowel problems seem minor to what you are dealing with.

    Wishing you better days ahead.
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    Bonnette, and THC, thank you for your kind and sincere thoughts.

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    wow, i just read of your injury specs,It is hard just reading it, living through it and with it, well i don't have words for that. i bought one of those super juicers, costco had them for about a month, the same ones the inventor blends iPhone and wooden rake handles.
    blendtec is the name i think. i had the other juicer that spun-around but you lost all the fiber. the blendtec you drink everything, it may be like a vitamamax typer but a bit cheaper. you can make soup with it, i havent tried that yet.
    i use it to get my vegetable fiber and also to get vegetables that i normally would never eat, such as beets and kale into me, the good think is you lose nothing as far as fiber and the blades are actually square, not sharp/ i forget why, but i think it had to do with fiber and not breaking it down too fine.
    by adding an apple or other sweet fruit, it sweetens any blend /
    i forget how you got you injury, but workers comp pays for a lot of medicines that others will not, but it is state bu state, i have been fortunate in ny state
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    I get it arndog. at least on my own scale.

    the staples didnt bother me, and the removal was not painful, however the belly pain never did improve.

    one doctor says its central pain, one says its all in my head, another says its someting called pots syndrome.
    ever heard of that? me neither. id rather smoke it, or cook in it, but dont need to have it.

    I so hope the surgery heals, and you get some kind of relief.

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    I know you've been going through hell........I hope things are getting better. What you go through.....scares me when thinking of my daughter. Not the same reasons, but shes' totally dependent on the small intestine, and I hope does'nt start to need the resect jobs they thought would be necessary this time.

    Neuropathic pain is a pain you can't describe at times. But so is gut pain. I've had bleeding ulcers in the past.....I'm sure it does'nt come close to what you're dealing with. But as close as I want to get to that kind of gut pain! Please get well soon Jon.

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    Holy crap batman.

    Scary. I know you were one of the tormented at several levels but this shocked me.

    Jon, hang tough we all know you can and will but I am sorry that your suffering has reached such a level.

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    i agree with you glad it didn't happen when you did the transverse, more important i am glad you got the traverse in your pocket. it really sucks so much more when you get nothing you wanted t do accomplished and you have to cancel or not be able to commit to any activity that you enjoy due to the injury or side effects. And i am glad you see it in that light, you got it done in spite of everything, something 98%of AB people couldn't have done.
    do any meds give any relief?
    methadone gave em the most relief as my 24/7 from my neuropathc pain,fentora works on my bt, but it has been real bad lately , i am right at the line of either going up on methadone dosage, or being prescribed higher fentora, i want neither, they both really screw me up. methadone scares me because of the side effects and the heart failure thing they really don't know much about. fentora has its problems , they both are really constipating and have caused me a whole bunch of new problems,
    i cant take heat over 72 and at 73 i need a fan on my face, its bad.
    plus mentally i am barely getting by, and to top it off i have extra stress due to coop apartment issues , with a board president i don't trust and who fights transparency, especially with financials every step. i need to get a letter to the Attorney general out tomorrow or within two days, but i cant focus on that stuff, i have all the facts but i cant write well due to the meds.
    cauda equina

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