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Thread: Brown-Sequard Syndrome

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    Does it matter?
    I know what you mean by impatient,when I first arrived at rehab they gave me 3 new fresh out of college female therapists.I was one of the most severely injured on the rehab floor,and you figure they would give me hardcore veterans.I guess they wanted to throw them in the deep end of the pool to begin their career.I can't complain they were beauties,but I was a difficult patient they hated me at first,but we grew to care about one another.When your not able to walk ,no matter what they do it's not fast enough.It sounds like your recently injured.
    I stopped taking Baclofen about 4yrs ago.The Soma and the Valium seems to work for me combined with the pain meds.I take boatloads of pain know what pain feels like on your sensitive side.If you haven't taken Soma or Valium before start out slow because it's a knockout med,meaning it will put you to sleep,and make sure you eat before hand.
    When someone like a friend or better touches you are they surprised the temp. *difference on both sides?Do you get hot every other day?
    BTW I found it's called Brown Secquard Syndrome we have been leaving out the C,but who cares.

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    Soma , Valium are heavy duty , I do not think it is safe to take these together

    I personally feel colder on one side more than the other

    This Syndrome is hard for me to put in word's . Being I have lived with it a quite a while I do not let it get to me . Late last night as I rested in bed I thought about this topic .
    To me The word " Syndrome " sounds so heavy like a epidemic or a horrible catastrophe' . Sadly a spinal cord problem ( injury ) is just a problem that needs to be fixed , If only I had the answers and means to help all of us I would in a heartbeat . SCI is alway's on my mind . I read about the Spinal tumors etc I really care about you all .

    Someday I hope that we can connect the impaired neurons that cause BS ailments .

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    Does it matter?
    Northpond,hope everything's working out with everything.Everything's good I hope.( everything ) that's 4 everything,no 5...I'll stop.

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    Does it matter?
    I dont like the word " Syndrome " either.I say Brown Sequard most of the time.

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    Going OK starting PT next week again. Showing some progress, but still very hard to move and mobility is pretty bad. Plus I just can't stand the physical sensations - feels like I weigh about a ton and that everything is bloated. But I just try to keep moving along.

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    Brown sequard

    Hi , I had a traffic accident 6 months prior to this, I am still currently in rehab with a c4 Cord injury I really want to talk to someone else with BSS I can't really move my left arm and my left leg is very weak, I am only 17 and I'm scared what the future holds :/ if someone else with bss would like to reply I'd really appreciate it I cannot walk but I am trying to but I have bad balence and my left leg is really hard to even move and I cant use my left arm to support myself do you walk just using one cane ? How do you walk
    Mine was July 2011, How much movement do you have in your bad leg? I cant lift my foot up or lift it at the hip very well and it's weak the reason I've only just started standing is I broke my legs too so Ive been waiting of them, how long did it take you to walk and how was your standing ? I'm in Salisbury hospital southwest England

    sorry for so many questions

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    Hello Ben a357,

    I had surgery in July 2010 to remove a tumor from the t3-t5 thoracic

    I know you have a lot of questions, and so do I. I had all the same concerns as you. I am 51 years old and still think about the future. I can appreciate your questions and why you are asking them.

    I walk with a cane, but use a walker for longer distances. If I am shopping, I will use a shopping cart to hold me up!

    At first I could not even get out of a wheel chair, and when I first stood up I could hardly stand for 10-15 seconds. Then after 2 months, I began to use a walker, but it was hard to take even 5-10 steps. But I got stronger. I also did my excercises and took meds to help. I don't recall when I went to a cane, but it was gradual, and as I stated earlier, I will use a walker when I plan to do a lot of walking. My mobility is still slow after 18 months, but better. Those around me say I look better each time I see them. Flexing the right leg is very hard. I can hardly bend at the knee. My right ankle has a lot of tone, and I can't make that "gas pedal" motion. Thus I wear an AFO brace to keep my foot planted when I walk.

    Each recovery is different and unique to each of us. I can only say that it sounds like your condition is a physical challenge, but our minds make us who we are., and you should be as determined as always to live the great life you always wanted. There is nothing to stop you.

    I would advise that you always work toward recovery and always move forward. You ask what the future will bring? Well, it will bring what ever you make of it. Don't let your physical condition get in the way. Stay in touch.

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    Hi I Have BSS my whole left side is seriously affected
    @ 17 you are so young I hope you regain sensation / movement
    BSS is hard on me just today my left leg totally gave out while I was working on my computer scanner because it is far away from me I have to stretch but I will move it closer

    I wish I had answers how to improve these syndromes but I am at a mental loss in my case
    I do not walk unless I use my walker or sometimes old wooden crutches
    Being you broke your legs everyone heals at different time rates
    My left arm took 6 weeks my left leg broken at the anke took around 6 weeks but because I have very limited skin sensation I have to be super careful of everything around me .
    I hope / wish you the best
    Sincerely ;

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    hi there all you guys out there with the same symptoms i got ,, I can understand what all you guy,s are about having had bss for a number of years and I suffer my state with controlled drugs , they were gonna take c3 out 3 weeks ago but i renaged and will suffer a bit more yet before getting operated on ,, my spinal cord is compressed and c3 is so thin and touching my cord which is causing all your kinda symptoms they wanna take it out and replace it with a basket of some sort so I,m kinda weary about the whole thing has anyone out there had such an op.. the surgeon says it,s only 97 % successful ,, dont seem good odds to me so I,m gonna stay suffering for a bit yet till I either do more damage or have no other way to go

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