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Bioness has made a tremendous difference in my gait and confidence. I'm able to wear just about any kind of shoe with it.

As of last year, medicare will pay for the device, including many insurances since it has been proven/documented as a safe and reliable product.

A physical therapist or certified athletic trainer can assist you in the instructing you of the necessary muscle movement exercises. An example would be: My left leg is weaker than my right. I have had difficulty in the past bending my knee while walking. My PT and trainer work with me on developing a pattern of hip flexor, knee flexor and dorsiflexion working together to achieve foot clearance.

Gym exercises include:

20-30 minutes treadmill
12 minutes arc trainer
12 minutes elliptical
6 sets of leg presses max out at 180 LBS (machine)
4 sets of leg extensions max out at 70 LBS (machine)
4 sets of Hamstring curls max out 50 LBS (machine)
8 sets of Multi Hip max 40 LBS (machine)
4 sets of Seated Press (chest) max 225 LBS (machine)
4 sets of arm curls max out 70 LBS (machine)
4 sets of toe raises for calves.
Cool down includes stretching

I have not read Dr. Wise's blog

My injury level is T-6-7, and I'm (3) years post. I can walk with walker and KAFO for lift leg. I can walk without the KAFO but not for long distance I cannot stand without the KAFO for long time get tired easily. I have difficulty to bend my knee while walking. also I cannot bend my lift leg when I am in the bed. I cannot walk the stair I can walk for 300 ft I’m getting tired easily. I need your advice and your help what type of exercises I have to do to improve my walking and endurance.