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Thread: We're pregnant! Do I need heparin injections?

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    Congratulations Kristi I am so happy for you!
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    Thanks for all the congrats.
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    I was on Lovenox shots for both of my pregnancies but I did have a history of DVT. CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! There is nothing better in the world than a new baby!!! Enjoy!

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    I was not on Heparin on neither of my pregnancies, everything was like normal and I always tell people to take care of the weight. I gained a lot the third time and the last months were terrible. 36 kilograms are a lot but I was so hungry and if I did not eat I was feeling sick. And on my job a woman was making the most delicious cinnamon breads...
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    Best wishes!

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    i was on lovenox shot once a day but it was to prevent miscarriage as i was pg with twins and had tested postive for anticardiolipin antibodies after several losses. so i would have been on it even if i weren't sci.

    congrats on your pg!

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    I didnt have to take any blood thinners. I dont have a history of dvt's. I wore my teds throughout my whole pregnancy. They were one of the best things to help with swelling. Plus they eased my anxiety about blood clots ;-) **Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

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    Nothing to share but congrats!

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    My OB/GYN wanted me to be on heprin with my last two, but I never took it. I am T8 incomplete. I would not worry about it. Do what you feel is best for you and your child.
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    I am a C5/C6 quad. I had three children and had no blood thinners. I dont have a history of dvt's.

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