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Thread: roughly 6084 catheters

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonecoaster View Post
    That was suppose to be funny, i laugh alot at my own jokes, nobody gets them but me, but thanks for the correction. And to make it worse, i did the math wrong, roughly 1032. And i understand i'm just getting started, that alot of people would love to cath. i was counting the empty boxes. my daughter makes a huge fort out of them. Thats about 8 months
    worth, had a foley cath for first two months. My wifes into recyclling. Maybe i'll build the first Bard house.

    Give serious thought to braiding used cath tubes into bracelets and necklaces--be all the rage at craft shows.
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    blow up rhasta doll
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    i am always finding uses for the ones that i would have thrown away. Sometimes there is a malfunction.
    yesterday i had a big malfunction, but it was cockpit error.
    i asked lo fric to send me some of those pocket caths with water satchel. i use the ones with the bag., not the whole kit type, just a sterile setup.i saw the lo fric primo is a lot smaller,less bulk. figured i could try those when i am out or do half half, i like to measure, obsecced i know!.
    i had never used one, but seemed simple , inserted it in bathroom in restaurant , but i am used ti having the green funnel in the bag. In this case that is not good. i tried to tear off the plastic on the funnel ,only got a piece off and the pressure now was shooting pee across the room, since it was like a i/8 inch hole/tear. oh wells, better next time, glad i washed my hands good pre cath, since i had to handler the cath. Best to read the directions first i guess.
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