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Thread: I need a new car/suv (volvo help?)

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    I need a new car/suv (volvo help?)

    I was in an accident with my 2002 Volvo s80 (no injuries, everyone safe) and it has been deemed by the insurance company 'totaled'. So I'm in search for a new sedan. I still like the Volvo's and might go down to an s60. I've also become interested in the XC-90's. They are a little higher up but I'm wondering if anyone here has one. With my sedan I would transfer into the driver seat and then break my wheelchair down and put it into the driver seat. I'd like to continue to do that - and I've heard the XC-90 is lower to the ground than most SUV's. I know its a shot in the dark but does anyone have experience with one?

    I've also been looking at Audi A4/A6 and the Allroad station wagons. Only problems I see are that Audi's are absurdly expensive to get fixed and they break down a lot.

    If you have any other suggestions for cars, please say them. Thanks

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    i have an audi q7 and have no problem getting in and breaking down chair and putting it in backseat, it's actually easier than a car. when people are with me they put it in the back fully assembled. i've never had any problems with audi's or vw's, of course i service them myself too.

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    Although I have no personal experience in either, I've thought about going to a sedan for some time now. Do you think you'll need an AWD? If so, Subaru's make some of the best at a more affordable cost. I've seen videos where the Subie outperformed Audi's and Volvo's. I personally like the height of the older Forrester and Outback, more inline with my seat height, but the Legacy looks sportier. Just go to the dealer a try it out, but be considerate and use a towel so the chair doesn't dirty-up their new cars.

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