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Thread: joint support-liquid or pill

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    joint support-liquid or pill

    ive been reading up and most articles say liquid glucosamine chondroiton is by far better than pill. for you gimp athletes-your thoughts.
    im not interested in sedentary pc users thoughts or opinions. just sayin. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Fuente - I have troubles at times swallowing for me the liquid form is much better. I feel better when I am on it...I do not hurt as much after workouts. Hopefully that helps some.
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    I have problems swallowing pills due to my throat injury many of times I usually resort to crush my pills , etc ... and put it in my Energy drinks veggie juice . drink it down

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    liquid if it isnt too gross tasting. doctor said that its a waste of money, so if that stuff helps, id like to know.

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    Jody Drop ya a line when I wake up and have some V8 and my crushed up meds / my supplements .

    Actually my Weightlifter Brother is looking into some really kool liquid supplement like Fuentes is mentioning I need it truthfully any help I can get is a blessing at my ripe old age ..

    For me i'll let ya know as soon as he calls regarding it he is a great guy trying to help his older ancient brittle bone sister
    I hope I dont break my fingers trying to dial yer # lol

    Does a cold count for liquid lunch in the meantime ?

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