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Thread: How far do you walk?

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    How far do you walk?

    I am a c-2/c-3 incomplete who is 2 years post injury (in June). With assistance from an aide guiding me with a gate belt I can walk with a walker (although it's not always easy). i usually walk 300-400 feet (sometimes further) in 15 minutes.

    My question is for those of you with a SCI similar to far do you walk and does it become easier with time? Although each SCI is different i'd like to hear about your experiences with walking. Is my experience fairly typical or atypical? Also, what type of exercises do you do to keep your muscles loose and strong?

    By the way...I just recently found this blog site and I'm sure glad I did!!!

    -Thanks, Lori

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    Lori - welcome.

    I would just walk. The more you do, it will become easier. If you can go 400 ft, Try to go 425 ft the next time. Even if you can walk a little, it is very functional for transferring and getting in and out of cars. Plus weight bearing exercise like walking is as good as it gets. I am 9 years out from injury and strength and efficiency increases for many years post SCI.

    I wonder if you could fill out your bio more.. That can be helpful.

    Welcome to CC again.

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    Lori although I'm a T12 incomplete, the walking part is rough. I think I could walk but my feet hurt so bad it stops me. Do you have pain in your feet? I DO you use a cane because of not having my balance. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

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    I have a c2 incompete, 20 years. I use a power chair. The biggest obstacle to improving walking is needing someone else to help you practaice. So I usually practaice once a day. While you have access to people to help you take advantage of it.

    But remember and think about walking with a walker (if you use one) is awesome but remember that core and everything else is very important and will help your walking to improve, be more enjoyable.

    When most therapists focoused on my walking most other key fundamental building blocks of therapy / exercise were neglected and wasted because we think that "walking" is the ultimate goal. I love walking, it makes my day better. But I can walk, yet can't stand or transfer or do many other things without assistance. I will always push my walking and be most thankful but in the pursuit of just walk the fundamentals of crawling, sitting, moving, whatever was neglected 20 years ago and here I am trying to find ways to work on fundamentals that come before walking.

    Keep walking always but don't forget the other things. A baby can be a great example to someone with sci wondering what they should focus on.

    Keep on!

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    Thanks for all of your responses! Right now I'm in a skilled nursing facility so i do have access to assistance when I walk (which is good). I also have access to therapy though it is limited and I could use more. I was injured when I was 46 years old so I'm still fairly young.

    Doug: My feet do hurt sometimes but it's not bad enough to keep me from walking.

    I'll keep walking but also keep in mind all the baby steps that need to be mastered in order to be independent (or as independent as I can be) again.

    I'll keep posting and keep your words of wisdom coming!!


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    Hi Lori I am a high incomplete quad I sometimes use my walker and will do about 400 steps to the shop where I like to work out

    Dont over do yourself you know how much you can handle it is only up to you

    How are you doing in the assisted living facility ? Please keep in touch it would be great to talk to another incomplete sometimes I feel alone ...
    Hope all is well Keep smiling
    Sincerely; GL

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    Hi everyone again I like to stand up I am trying to work on my abs somehow ...I noticed if I hold onto something and stand up straight as I can I feel my core muscles working / stretching . I have Brown Sequard Syndrome which paralyzes 1/2 my body kind of like a stroke victim hard for me to describe ...
    My left side of my body is like a switch got shut off so I do not walk without my walker But I truly think this is fabulous to talk to duge arndog you quadsci and abacoian

    This is great ...I am like arndog always going the extra round it has been many yrs post injury so every day I try to find something a little different to do or try out. My Fiance' is possibly going to get me a weight bench ...

    Thanks GL

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    GL--Thanks for your kind words. I know that alone feeling and it helps to know another person with a similar SCI.


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