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Thread: another for you todd

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    another for you todd

    put it on other thread. but you may not see it. this is for you.

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    That was so beautiful. Thank you!

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    this is the best video i know of to offer to you. and red rocks is a fantastic venue. been there. though not for sn. her bd is may 26. i got offered tix to her bd concert in l.a. damn. i can't go.

    i hope this video touched your heart.

    long time official sn site is nicksfix...lemme find

    she posts there sometimes.
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    I hope to see her if she comes near me. I absolutely loved the video and even watched it until the end when she plays with the white dove on her hand.

    I've also heard of how awesome Red Rocks is, but I've never been there myself.

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