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Thread: Concerns about my core...

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    Concerns about my core...


    I am a t-2, t-7, incomplete para and I am currently residing in a nursing home. I had a flap done in February of 2010 and in and out of the hospital eight times last year as well. Prior to my flap surgery, I was put on bed rest for ninety days because a pressure wound I had on my left buttock due to not following through pressure relief. Long story short, I lost all of my muscle mass and therefore, I had to give up my apartment and end up here. I began getting my health back in mid January, 2011 and I began weight lifting five days a week. It became a responsibility that has now become a part of my life like brushing my teeth. Today it paid off but only in one way because I began physical therapy. First off, I lifted the head rest of the hospital bed, lifted up each leg one at a time and maneuvered them to the ground without any assistance from my therapist. I was so excited! After that, I did my best to get the sideboard underneath my butt, but my balance was so bad due to my weak core. She had to assist me a hell of a lot more than I would have liked. I did finally make it to my chair because of my strength training so I feel good about that. Now, we move to getting myself back into bed. I needed all kinds of help again, because of my core. I was really got upset about it. My therapist said that sometimes with spinal cord injuries, they lose a good portion of their core strength and never get it back. Has she lost her mind? Aren't there exercises I can do? I certainly hope so and that is why I need you. I want to get the hell out of here. I will have a caregiver once I leave but. it won't be a 24/7 situation and I certainly don't want to rely on him every single time I get out of bed. That's ridiculous.

    I have a goal to get out of here on or about, July 1 so I can go back to independent living. I am sorry to say that I am not willing to go to a group home. No, No, No. Not a good fit for that environment. I may consider assisted living but although 49 years old is not young, it is certainly too young in my opinion to reside in this type of environment. I have been through hell and high water all through 2010 and I am feeling fantastic today but what I have just mentioned is what I'm concerned about now so please give me as mush feedback as you can.

    Thank You,


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    what, if anything, do u do for core?....depending on your function, there are exercises u can do to on my link below..there are a couple of things for abs/core........scroll down to" abdominals side to side core strength".....its a good exercise for what sounds like u need..will definitly help and stop u from falling over when transferring....also just do free sitting...sit on bed , feet on floor....and just practice sitting there..sounds like nothing but takes core to do... ...side crunches- lay on your side, legs bent 90'(like fetal position) roll ur upper body so chest/head facing to ceiling(great stretch too).....raise shoulders up, basically a crunch but works obliques(side muscles from lats/ribs to central abs)..
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    im a c5/c6 incomplete.. i have core but i cant do a sit up.. i can sit un assisted and stand and all but yes.. u have paralysis! some muscles are paralyzed and yes your core will not look like a models 8 pack.. just engage your core in everything u do.. and look back in a month, you will be amazed!
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    Early on in my recovery, my PT suggested I purchase a large plastic ball to sit on.
    The objective is to balance your self on the ball using your core muscles.

    My PT also instructed me to lay on my back, knees bent with feet on the floor/matt Lift your butt off the floor and tilt your pelvis upward. and repeat as many times as you can This is a great core strengthening exercise.

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    roc21 - thanks so much for posting that

    I'm waiting for a hysterectomy so I'll pass on some of those for now, but the one at the table and reaching should be non-invasive and do-able.

    I'm really suffering with core loss from not moving around much since January. It feels like my ribs are literally sitting on my hips and that I'm shrinking vertically!
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    Lynn, I suggest buying a few therabands or rubbercords of various strengths. Screw a hook in the ceiling and do some pull down exercizes. It really stretches the back and upper body. They're cheap and do a heck of a job. Just make sure you get a large hook and secure it in a stud, a ceiling joyce not a young man, to attach the cords to. I have mine above my standing frame and use them either sitting down or while standing.

    I tie them to anything I can find at various heights and can do a complete workout while sitting in the chair. I also carry one or two in my van to workout while waiting for someone etc.

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    I have therabands but getting them in the ceiling is going to be a problem Houston, lol. Thanks for the advice though!!! I find the therabands great for relieving sore shoulders definitely!
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    I am in a similar situation Lynnifer it is rough you are having that surgery and I had bladder surgery a while back but I do have a few different sized plastic balls theres all types of exercises with these things imop but my abdomen is sore i'll try working on my core soon I diet hard .... My poor belly I dont like it .... Who wants my flab ? I'll donate my lipoed gluck to anyone but me lol Maybe some oil company can use my flubber

    Pelvic surgery really hits a soft spot in my heart .

    Lynnifer Between the 2 of us there has to be a way
    I just wish I hit the lotto then I could hire a personal trainer ... Do you think Richard Simmons would help us ? lets play double continent lottos ........

    Sincerely ; GL

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    Hmm, can't just jump up and screw in a hook in the ceiling; lol. How bout using one of those portable hanger things that go over the top of a door.

    I trust the surgery will go well for you L.

    Roc. has some really good suggestions. I agree GL, there's always a way to workout.

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    I am poor and make do with everything around me in my case the simple thing's work wonderful . Plus very cheap I bought my old kids toy ones at Walmart in various sizes 3 for like $6.00

    I even use regular boat anchor rope cut to different lenghths tied on one end hangmans nooses loops and I can use counterpoint training .

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