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Thread: Detailed Diet and Nutrition Plan

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    Detailed Diet and Nutrition Plan

    Hi, I have a good body weight and I'm looking for a very detailed nutrion and diet formula that lets me know the exact numbers it would recommend for the amount of calories, nutrients, etc I need on a daily basis. I don't care what I eat and figure I'll read the nutrition labels of foods and do the math. I realize no plan or formula is perfect, but figure it'll be close enough and keep me very healthy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Since your profile is incomplete:

    What is your level and completeness of spinal cord injury?
    What is your activity level?
    How old are you?
    How long have you been injured?
    Are you currently trying to heal any pressure ulcers or other skin problems?
    How much spasticity do you have?
    How tall are you? What is your current weight and BMI?
    Are you diabetic? Hyperlipidemia? Hypertension? Renal disease?

    It would be best for you to see a good registered dietitian for an individualized diet plan if you don't feel that general RDA guidelines are sufficient for your needs.


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