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Thread: Clinical trials give spinal injury victims hope

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    Clinical trials give spinal injury victims hope

    Clinical trials give spinal injury victims hope
    Published: 7:11PM Monday May 16, 2011 Source: ONE News

    There is fresh hope for thousands of paraplegics in New Zealand yearning that someday someone will give them a chance to walk again.

    Now, thanks to a 71-year-old Waikato housewife, recruiting for New Zealand's first clinical trial to treat people with spinal injuries is about to begin.

    Noela Vallis from The Spinal Cord Society has been fundraising for over 30 years to get the first clinical trials underway.

    Her husband Keith was paralysed in a jet boating accident and spent 20 years as a paraplegic. He died as a result from complications from his injuries.

    "It was murder&it's terrible...some doctors say it is worse that that's why I thought I would start and study this all around the world and see what I can find," she told TV ONE's Close Up.

    Scott Rushbrook is one of more than 5,000 people in New Zealand who are paralysed. His life was turned upside down after a wakeboarding accident.

    "The first couple of years it was real hard...just because you're trying to adapt to everything," he told Close Up.


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    They are cleaning out the "scar" in this one.......

    At least it is a controlled trial unlike Dr. Lima's work

    All power to them for getting to trial and I hope we see some positive results either way. Then this approach can either be knocked on the head or picked up for other trials / treatments.


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    question: isn't this "exactly" a duplicate of the lima procedure? I thought his technique did involve cleaning out the "scar" and implanting "nose cells"

    Please explain to me if I am mistaken... Thanks
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    "Cleaning out the scar" seems pretty risky.

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