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Thread: "Disability Trike" over the Alps......

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    "Disability Trike" over the Alps......

    Nice story....and I want one of these.....v. classy...especially with the can tell he doesn't give a crap to anything else and just does his thing in style, what a boy!

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    It seems, back in those days, it was prudent to cover one's paralyzed legs. Yea, I'd trade my up to date handcycle for something like that.. What a classic.

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    I was injured while riding a '73 beemer so when I saw this picture of a real oldie I had to download it. I don't know what year this one is (~40s - 50s??) and I don't feel like googlin' fer the info. Them's some straight pipes!
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    Oh that's a classy looking bike too. Notice the shaft drive that BMW still persevere with one else has stuck with that. And those pipes look like they were taken from the plumbing in an old house.

    I wonder where the chap on the trike stowed his wheelchair on that journey? I can see a spare wheel on the other side.... but that's for the trike I think.

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