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Thread: Innovative bike designs for disabled riders open new horizons (Denver Post)

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    Innovative bike designs for disabled riders open new horizons (Denver Post)

    just posting a little plug for a friend who recently launched a company building offroad handcycles...

    A decade ago, Jake O'Connor was certain it was all over. The hiking, biking, camping and hunting he had enjoyed for nearly all of his 23 years had come to an end.

    Paralyzed from the waist down after a construction accident in 2001, O'Connor said he thought: "There is no way I will ever get back out there. Just no way."

    Today, after years of tinkering, middle-of-the-night brainstorming and exhaustive testing, O'Connor's extra-burly handcycles are reviving lost dreams.

    "My lust to get farther and deeper out there is why I'm doing this," says the Popeye-forearmed Crested Butte bike builder. "This bike has gotten me back out there.

    read more:

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    Wow, and I tot my mountain biking days are over as well. Kudos to this.

    Anyway this should be posted in the Equipment section, it will surely get a lot of interest.

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    those look super fun unless you have boobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty View Post
    those look super fun unless you have boobs.
    I have seen people with boobs ride them
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    I agree with feisty on that one lol

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    This looks very similar to One Off Handcycles. Hopefully a competitor will help drive down prices.

    Given the choice, I'd prefer boobs.

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