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Thread: Bruno Turny Seat installation

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    Bruno Turny Seat installation

    Anybody ever install one of these by themselves?

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    CLC did. He don't come around much anymore tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    Anybody ever install one of these by themselves?
    Shaun if this is like the Braun Companion Seat you want a dealer install here. This protects you insurance wise both in liability or if you get hit because it is tested by the FTSB in the USA. We've had 2 of the Companions and I love it and dread the day I can't do a standing transfer and we need to go to a ramp and riding in my chair. The cost of the seat is normally almost covered by the mobility programs if you buy when you are buying a new van or car. I think we paid like $400 the first van and $500 in the second van for installation. And they repaired the wiring free when my MIL used my seat and swiveled over the main electric connection wire. LOL
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