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Thread: For Sale: Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Chamber

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    Smile For Sale: Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Chamber

    For Sale: Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    I am selling a Vitaeris 320 in excellent condition. It was used slightly for one month by my little 7 year old and since has been cleaned and stored. It comes with a carry bag. It also comes with the pump AND oxygen concentrator. It has a nice, comfortable, and cleanable pad. I bought this entire unit for $23,500 with everything included.

    Price is $15,000.00

    Basic Information;

    This really is a fabulous unit...lots of windows so it does not feel claustrophobic. I actually used it with my child...roomy. If you need a personal chamber, this is the one!

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    Im a hyperbaric nurse and was wondering about the "cancer cant live in oxygen" theory come from. I do treatments daily and one of our contraindications actually is patients with cancer. There are several types of cancer that actually THRIVE with elevated levels of oxygen. Im just curious as to whether or not there are new studies out that I am not aware of. I hope your son recovered and you and your family have healed.

    Thank you

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    Is the chamber still for sale

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    docbill, I suggest you click on the posters name. It will direct you to his contact information. You could either send him a personal message or directly to his e-mail address. I suggest sending one to his e-mail.

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    still for sale? thank you!

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