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Thread: KAFO Questions

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    Thank you very much for that link, foton! The shoes you use look good to me, they are similar to what most people wear for casual attire nowadays...and there are several pairs of women's shoes that have velcro straps instead of laces; one of them is even my favorite Mary Jane style!

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    This is link to another firm which make similar shoes including medical ones. Medical and for diabetics shoes have removable inserts and they will accomodate braces. You can contact both firms and ask which ones are good with braces.
    This is the link to SAS firm:

    I have a pair from them and they are also very good.

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    Thanks foton, that is a great help! Years ago, I had a pair of SAS sandals and they were incredibly comfortable - so it's wonderful to hear that they make shoes that will work with braces. Much appreciation to you.

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    Kafo Jeans


    first my standard intro: Sorry for my poor english

    I use a KAFO right since 30 years and i weare it under my jeans. I pull on my KAFO with shoe. All my jeans have a long zip at the inside of the leg.


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    Hi Klaus, your English is just fine! Thank you for this information - the zipper on the inside of your jeans leg is a great idea. I really appreciate it.

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