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Thread: My Standing Frame

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    My Standing Frame

    Is it just me or are there others out there who find euphoria when standing? I love the feeling of my tightened trunk. I'm almost to a point with my core stability that it takes very little conscious effort to sit without teetering.

    Where I lack stability is in my forward and back range of motion. I can either site straight up at 90 degrees or straight down at zero degrees, very little in between. (I hope that I am articulating this correctly).

    How do I get back that trunk strength? Any suggested exercises?

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    Standing in water is even better. The water pressure pushes in your gut. I am amazed at how skinny I am when standing in water.
    Life's perceived journey in this PMR is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "holy **** what a VR ride!"
    Pete C6/'97

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    I have to agree with BW on that. Because my shorts ended up at my knees when I got back into my pool. mark

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    Better in the Water

    Why don't I just push my standing frame into the water, and half the best of both worlds. I haven't been in water since "my fall from grace" back in '05.

    Not even in Rehab, probably due to the hole in my throat from my trach that was still healing up.

    I need to call my local Y up to see if they're accessible. I've got an in-dwelling catheter, so should I go "sans bag" and pass it off as a water snake? (yes, I write my own stuff...)

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    I've only been twice and only in my pool. My wife won't be a part of it, as it was the scene of my injury. I'm going for it again Memorial Day. I'' void before, wear a leg bag on my hip underneath trunks. Last time wasn't pretty, wore a vest and ended up facedown and buttup, hard to breathe like that. This time I'll put on some 2 1/2 #'s ankle weights and hold onto the side. The water's 52" so my knees will be bent most likely. It'll take a team to achieve this, but so worth it. There's an aqua therapy pool 20 minutes away, just need a script. mark

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    Upcoming Memorial Day bobbing

    Good luck to you, and try and stay on your back, or at least have snorkel on.

    If I do get into the water I'll post my experience. I might just go "all natural" like the Nirvana album cover.

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    I have two ways of enjoying the pool. I get my brother or someone to set me in my Kelsyus floating lounger or I stand upright with a small, cheap donut around my chest. I put over my head down just under my arms. It is real tight. I have tried and tried to flop out but I am real secure. This method does require some aquatic ankle weights.
    Life's perceived journey in this PMR is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "holy **** what a VR ride!"
    Pete C6/'97

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    Not sure of your injury level on getting more core muscle and balance back. Standing will definitely improve on your core balance.

    I've been standing in either braces, before standers came out for the home, or a stander since my injury 38 yrs. ago. I agree with you there in nothing like it. I have a few hooks strategically placed in the ceiling that I attach various strengthed rubber cords to do exercizes with including stuff to improve the balance. I also have some tied down low for pull type ex. while standing.

    The Vitaglide made a noticable difference in the core also; it seems to reach certain lower back muscle groups that we can't do on our own. I found the fes bike I ride twice a week at our local rehab has really been beneficial also. Handcycling again does a great job in fittness.

    It looks like you are still a fairly new injury. knowing your level of injury would help. It takes a while for things to strengthen up after so serious an injury we have. Keep working at it, anything will help, you'll be surprixed and pleased for sure.

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    Response to Patrick

    I'm a T11/T12. I was injured in '05. I fell 30'ft. Collapsed Lungs, a case of ARDS, congestive heart failure, broken ribs, leg, Coma, last rites, etc... I actually kicked the case of congestive heart failure last year.

    My Doctors said that they only reason that I made it was my good physical condition prior to the accident.

    Prior to my climbing accident, I went to the gym regularly, played U30 soccer, ran 10K's, umpired/officiated soccer and swimming. (not bragging, I'm just laying out that I was active and was in relatively good shape.)

    I'm five years post rehab. I don't get any physical therapy other than what I do on my own in my standing frame, with free weights and rolling up and down the local hills. My Rehab Center, HHH (Helen Hayes Hospital) is too far away for on-going therapy.

    I work full-time telecommuting from home, which I started prior to my accident.

    My standing frame was the best investment that I made.

    I'd like to add more to my exercise routine. I do have a tennis chair and hope to play some this summer. I had to give it up last year due to my CHF. I'd love to try handcycling, I need to watch my $$ since I've got three with academic expenses.

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    DANG T11/12. get back in the gym, you don't need any physical therapy. I hate that word. Makes us sound week and infirm.

    You are an athlete from the sounds of it. Do what you need to do to get in shape. Doesn't take money; rubber cords of various strengths cost uneder 20.00. Hang 'em hi, hang 'em low, work out. Do you roll up the hills backwards. That'll work the lower core bigtime. Swimming, like the guys said, is a great conditioner and is easy on the body.

    Sounds like you need to get involved with w/c sports and get playing tennis and bb or something.

    5 years post is a trying time. Reality really has sunk in and if we havn't stayed really active it starts to show in our physical fitness and mental attitude.

    I sure hear you on the academic expenses of the others lol. Mine has two degrees and can't find a job. WTH.

    I agree that standing frame is the best investment you made. H/c or vitaglide would be another good investment

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