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Thread: wrong pills

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew82586 View Post
    No I've had this script for a while now... it says what they should be and what they AREN'T. It says they are 20mg Baclofen. Yes my pharmacy normally puts a little sticker on it if the company changed the shape/color of the pill. but they DIDN"T b/c the company didn't, it was just a mistake by them filling my med. Yes I had my mom pick up my med and started taking them just like I regularly do and I thought to myself, boy my legs are crazy and my stomach was freaking out which it doesn't do unless I'm dehydrated. (which was a possibility, had a lot going on this week, didn't drink much, plus alot of crying... Grandpa passed away) And then It struck me... these look like 10mg not 20... so I called the pharm and asked...
    Sorry about your grandpa drew, you were obviously very close as evidenced by your posts and pics, take care of yourself.

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    Drew, sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I know that made for a ruff week in and of itself.

    There is no excuse for the drug store giving you the wrong meds...

    I hope things go better for you this week.

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family...please take care!!!


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    I would file a formal complaint with the pharmacy. If it is a large pharmacy such as Wal-Mart or Target--take it to corporate. If you notify the store in person and they confirm the error, they are supposed to self-report.
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    Sorry to hear about your gramps
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    Very sorry to hear about your Grandfather!!!

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    thanks everyone, its been a very hard week. yet the memoral this saturday. yes I was very very close with him!!
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    Dear Drew
    I send you my deepest condolences sorry about your Grandfather

    God Bless
    Sincerely; GL

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    Drew, Missed the news about your Gpa a few days ago, and want to add my condolences. It was obvious from your photos that you had a special bond, and will miss him.

    (Hugs) Don
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