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Thread: How do you know when to stop?

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    How do you know when to stop?

    I'm L3-L4-L5 S1 CES, or something like that. Still a bit confused. I want to exercise harder. i do about 1 1/2 hrs. of floor exercises a day, Bosu, workout ball, rubber bands, rubber cord thing, leg weights, hand weights, and sometimes a biggest loser workout. these are my doctors notes- he ambulates but has to keep his center of gravity postierior to his hips because of bilateral hip extensor weakness. His gait is asymmetrical with a lot of twisting movements and difficulty with control of the left lower limb more than the right lower limb, putting abnormal rotational stresses on his low back. When he walks with a cane carried in his right hand, the degree of twist and the precarious appearance of the excessive posterior posture of his shoulders is noticeably improved. When i look at him stand in bare feet, he has difficulty maintaining standing balance without a wide base and with again a very exaggerated posture of the upper back held backward because of the hip estensor weakness. I did manual muscle testing and I would grade his left hip abductors as certainly only 2/5. Hip extensors on that side are no more than a 3- and are associated when tested prone with pain in his lumber spine, worse on the right. Hamstrings on the left are also only 2+/5. The ankle on the left has week dorsiflexion that is probably 3-/5 but only 1-2 strength in the evertors and the toe extensors, leaving his dorsilflexion imbalanced toward inversion. Too much typing. it goes on for awhile, anyways Where ? am i at. i got new walking poles and took about a two mile hike with them, had knee ankle and mild lower back pain for about two days, climbed a small mountain about 2 1/2 hrs in a blizzard on shoeshoes, hurt for a coulple of days. is it good to work my legs hiking or is it doing more harm? i dont mind paying some price for staying active and outdoors. can i strentghen the rest of myself enough to keep me from wearing out to fast? if anyones been in a similar situation i would like to hear about it. i know i will never stop exercising, my question should have said, when exercising how much is too much and how do you know? I need to find the line were i'm doing max exercise, mininum wear and tear.
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