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Thread: Hi and hand controls

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    Hi and hand controls

    Hello New guy here with first post. So please go easy on me. After reading through a lot of your info and posts I realized what a large change that I ‘m in for. Three months after my ultralite crash T12L1 incomplete I started reading your site and realized that I may never walk again. After a good cry, decided to get on with it. I have a one ton dodge 05 contractor truck that I can get in to by setting on the floor, then pulling myself onto the set. Any ideas for hand controls? Looking at some used Monarch a1s. Are they hard to install. Have some time, as I’m waiting for a lighter wheel chair. After I’m back on the road, then it’s onto how to modify my other plane so I can fly some more. This is a great place for info and inspiration. Living out in the sticks mostly doing my own rehab, inspiration is greatly appreciated. The wife can only do so much. Thanks
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    I still use Monarchs, and they're not overly hard to install - depending on the vehicle. I've noticed many people use different brands nowadays than Monarch, brands that might be better. I'm sure they'll weigh in when they see this thread.
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    Most hand controls clamp to the column somewhere. Some with a U bolt, some with radiator clamps. I have two different commercial ones and two I have built myself. One for jeep, one for motorhome.
    Hardest part of putting them on is getting upside down under the dash. Most of the time I yank the seat.
    Best rehab is going back to what you did. Take care to not injure yourself more. I've set myself on fire a couple times welding, cause can't feel it. Chemical burns on my legs from garage cleaners, cause no feeling. Scraping my butt sliding around.
    If you want some hand contol pics of mine, PM me. Google hand controls and look at pics.

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    Well welcome flying... Sorry you are here but glad you found this place so soon. We have something in common. I am L1 complete due to engine failure on take-off in my Sport Flight Aviation Talon XP Experimental!!!! Bad timing for sure. Engine failed due to a split urethane fuel line where it attached to the fuel pump. What type UL did you crash. What type do you still have? By the way I really like the Sure Grip brand of hand controls. Check Ebay Hand controls show up there quite often.
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    Hi Grange
    I crashed a kolb firestar. I was two feet below the 300 ft runway. for some reason the engine stayed at 3000 rpm. Just needed a little more power. Still have a rans s12with a 582. I'm 3.5 mouths post. getting some feeling back in my feet. But who knows how much one will get back.
    My great friend is flying Her talon to oshcosh from Portland area. I sure wish I could go with her.
    Some hand controls have a thumb push for gas. Hows that on ones hand.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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