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Thread: C5/C6 Complete Leg raises

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    C5/C6 Complete Leg raises

    No laughing at the hidious photo.......
    Just wanted to share my new contraption. I have been doing assisted sit-ups but I felt like my lower stomach was not being targeted. So I decided to try something new. The design is very simple (climbing accessory cord plus 2 wheels on screws put into the ceiling).

    I only started today but the plan is to do ten at a time: my feet start at 6 inches from the ground whilst my arms are stretched out as far as possible. I then pull in a slow and controlled manner until my hands touch my chest and then release slowly. I did 150 in total today.

    God forbid, I am doing untold damage to myself.....but hopefully not. Any input is welcomed.

    Again, no laughing at the hidious photo. (Oh, ok, you can laugh!)

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    from what u r describing..besides any lower abs that ur hitting, .u r actually working back(lats) rear delts, and some biceps if ur bending ur arms. and ur legs are the weight...are u feeling ur abs work?
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    Hey roc21,
    When I was doing it, it was my arms that were tiring so I guess it is quite the arm work out. When I was pulling my legs up, I could 'feel' my lower abs. How effective it will be, I'm not sure. I'll sleep on it tonight and report back about how stiff I feel tomorrow.

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    Dear Ruth,

    I hope the ab exercises will give you good results. Could you please tell me something: how do you get down on your mat to do the exercises? Do you use a hoist or does someone help you transfer without the use of equipment? My son is C6, 19 months post injury, still in hospital and we are dying to get him home. We have not been given any training in how to help him transfer, and here at the hospital it is done without equipment, either by two physiotherapy assistants or eight nurses. I've read so many posts on this forum about people's home exercise programmes and I always wonder how they manage the necessary transfer.

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    everyone transfers differently...depending on ability...some need 2 people, 1 from behind under arms other on legs...some need a little help from in front...many of us transfer on our own.....then theres tools to use...big over head lifts...or a simple slide board.....once hes home u will have a trial/error period (on lots of things other than xfers)...and eventually figure out what works best for u and him.....and then as time passes hopefully hes improving and u will do less to first i needed 1 or 2 i need nobody......and after 19 months they should have taught u something!!.......tell them u want to be involved in some xfers when your there so u can be prepared for home
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    Like roc21 says, everyone has their own way. I'm sure when your son gets home you will have a period of trial, experimentation and error. I've tried loads of different exercises/techniiques - some have worked, some have not.

    To get onto the floor, my brother secured a $100 car engine hoist to the ceiling. Whilst still in my chair my aide pulls a wide strap under my bum (taken from my standing frame). The strap then gets attached to the engine hoist wire, I hook my arms on, my aide gets my legs and up I go. She kicks the chair out and then I go all the way down. I do it daily and it takes about 10 seconds. Obviously, this is not for everyone, but it works for me.

    Best of luck to your family - I bet you are really looking forward to having him home.

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    Your willingness to share the during-workout picture of your new device is very much appreciated. If you begin to observe evidence that your leg-raising exercise actually improves your abdominal strength or tone, please let us know. It would be remarkable if improved abdominal strength or tone could be obtained via exercise rather than by FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) or similar devices by a person whose condition is C5/C6 complete. Abdominal strength and tone notwithstanding, other physical benefits will certainly result from your new workout exercise.

    Incidentally, it is a blessing to have a willing, helpful, and mechanically inclined brother like your brother seems to be.

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