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Thread: Broken femur

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    Broken femur

    Hi everyone...I havent popped in here for a long time but now hope to get some feedback/advice/experiences. Five weeks back i broke my distal femur (close to knee) when i fell out of my chair whilst out walking my dog. I had surgery and a lateral plate and screws put in. It has healed up nicely with no complications. My surgeon has opted for no cast at all, advising me that she felt i would get better long term flexion and also eliminate the risk of pressure sores.

    Now, when sitting upin my chair, my knee isnt bending comfortably past about 50 degrees, although when i am in the bed and the physios set up the CPM (???sp) machine my leg will bendto about 75 degrees before I experience discomfort. I am assuming that being only 5 weeks that this sounds 'normal' but would like others thoughts. How long did it take to get your leg back into a 90 degree position?

    My other big problem has been trying to find the right piece of equipment that willl attach to my Ti Lite ZRA and fully support my leg. We had an amputee stump attachment sent to me and this is really far from ideal as my ankle is just hanging, although my calf is strapped to prevent damage to my knee. What have others done?

    I am finding this has really stressed long did it takes others with this particular fracture to get back into their normal routine (transferring, driving...etc)??


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    Hello Anna,

    I broke my femur the same place as you and also had the metal plate screwed onto my outer femur...and no cast. However, I have had no problems bending my knee. My problem comes from trying to stretch it out straight. I am an incomplete quad with leg movement and during rehab, I had to learn transfers without using my left leg. After 4 weeks, I was allowed to use it and put some weight on it and have not experienced any problems since.

    Good luck in your rehab.
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    oh annabanana!
    Im glad to hear you are healing. lots o people breaking bones lately.

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    Good to see you still kickin, Anna! (even if it's with a broken leg)

    Haven't broken any bones yet, so no advice...just glad to see you.

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    broke upper femur in half fall in shower, pinns n rod, couple months later drove off curb at store initiating break of yours landed full weight straight on my knee actually drove shaft of femur into knee. ironic complaning after 1st break how leg was longer than other, fixed that i did, SOAB, now shorter, didnt opt for lengthening surgery. anyway, wore leg brace for few months only healing method so yea mine wouldn't bend completely for awhile, dont worry after sufficient time it will, mine has.
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    I'm a paraplegic and also broke femur above the knee and had a repair plate installed with no cast. I have no sensation in the leg so pain was not an issue. The swelling was a problem early on, as was my nervousness about being careful of it, but as soon as swelling went down and I got comfortable with it I was pretty much good "as new". Range was not an issue.

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    I'm sorry to hear Anna. I've been lucky and not broken any bones, knock on wood. I hope you can find some answers. It's good to see you again, even under these circumstances. Besides your leg, I hope all is well down under.
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    Hi all..Thanks for the replies.

    Charlie sounds like yours is very similiar to mine. I am very nerous about bending it too far. Did your leg rest on your foot plate almost straight away?

    Hi Flicka....good to see you floating around the place! Hope life is running smoothly for you.

    RDF.... Still cheeky as ever!

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    Hi , Not sure if this is any good to you as Noirin is only 7 but she did break her leg in same place and has healed with no problems or limitations except maybe a littile hip tightness as she was immobilised in cast for 4 weeks. No surgery. When cast was removed she put foot on footplate which i hadnt expected to happen so easily, however she did get stomach pains and a little dysreflexic but it soon died down.
    We made a long board and placed under cushion (full width of wheelchair at cushion but then just width of one leg to sole of foot.WE built up the leg piece with foam to make it the same height as the cushion and then glued an upright piece at the bottom to keep her ankle stretched(toes pointing up) and also a side protector to stop her ramming into things(by accident or not!) and causing further damage.Kind of looked like a sleigh so we painted it red as it was Christmas!
    Goodluck with your recovery. Sonia.

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