Hi, 11 months ago (7th june 2010) I was involved in a minor RTA while riding my motorcycle one sunny morning , when a car driver emerged right across my path leaving me with all i know of is a L1 fracture and thats all i know (along with a few other things)....

Now all they told me at hospital was i had fractured my L1 lumbar vertabrea and released later that day , the next 3 weeks where to painfull to even sit up in bed never mind getting up and walking about . after 6 weeks i went back to work as suggested by the doctor with plenty nice pain killers and just took it easy at first (bearing in mind my Gp had no record through from hospital) and these took a shocking 4-5 months.

few weeks into work the boss goes on holiday for 2 weeks , during these 2 weeks my pains started getting worse and have continued to over time more often and more painfull and more areas , first thing i noticed starting was bad shoulders as i was working in a garage at the time and the cars where always on ramps above your head i noticed instant pain after maybe 30 seconds of having my arms above my head i later had to drop out of the garage as i got worse , then pains started comming on at night when resting and sleeping and more often when i'm tired and relaxed then the shooting pains started across the shoulders eventually comming on in ways that i often now get shooting pains from the base of my head down my spine , and sometimes from the bottom to the top more often when there from the bottom up as it gets to the head it turns into a pulsing headache kinda pain , i've suffered lots and lots of constipation since and thats getting to the point where it's every trip now and going can cause me pain from the lower back moving up and as it gets to the head i get headaches /dizzyness/ lightheaded / and sometimes the feeling of in-balance . the doctor is running some blood tests(dont know why) and he's saying it could be physcoligical.. I've told the doctor about all of above of course but they just keep recommending pain killers and physio therapy(even though I had to ask for that)

anyone got any ideas what i should be saying to these fools to set the record straight , or any further questions please feel free ..